Find Out Who Has Viewed Your Snapchat Story

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Snapchat Stories enables users to compile snaps (videos and photos) taken during the last 24 hours into a single narrative.

If you'd like to see who has viewed or captured snaps from your Snapchat Story, the video messaging app offers a simple way to find this information.

How To Check Who Has Viewed Your Snapchat Story

Open Snapchat > My Story and then tap on the Ellipsis button (3 vertical dots). Select a Snap and then swipe you finger upwards to view the information you seek.

The value displayed in front of the purple eye icon indicates the number of times the selected Snap was viewed, whereas the value displayed in front of the overlapping green arrows icon represents the number of screenshots taken.

You will also find the names of the first 100 users who viewed the snap.
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