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How To Deploy a Click & Collect Service

Shifting trends in consumer behavior has lead to the emergence of new marketing strategies, which are meant to reconcile the activities of the virtual and physical stores. One of the most successful implementation of these new marketing strategies is Click & Collect—where the customers place their orders online and then collect their products in nearby physical store. This type of service will appeal to retailers and business owners seeking to improve their sales.

A Click & Collect service (also known as Click & Pick Up or Reserve & Collect) enables the customer to order a product on a website or via a dedicated mobile application and then retrieve it in a physical store, within an agreed time frame. A Click & Collect service will help the business to stand out from the competition by offering a new type of service. It will open a new sales channel for the business, which is a step toward the establishment of a solid multi-channel marketing strategy. For more information, please read our article Cross Channel Marketing Strategy.

A Click & Collect will also help shop owners to better manage their inventory and prevent against stock shortage. A Click & Collect can be adapted to fit into different type of retail business (clothing, jewelry, high tech products, or grocery items). Customers can make the purchase online and then collect their goods in a local store.

The deployment of Click & Collect service will require the following resources:

An ordering and inventory management tool: A dedicated tool to help retailers manage online orders and control the inventory in real-time.

A sales platform: A mobile application or website where the customers can place their orders.

Furthermore, the company needs to emphasize on the cohesion between the various outlets or departments involved in the Click & Collect service. The success of the Click & Collect service will primarily depend on how well it has been designed (ergonomics, easy-to-use...). Here are the best practices to ensure the success of the new service:

Encourage customers to use the service: Improve consumer satisfaction and experience by providing flexible schedules to collect products and by selecting the most appropriate pickup point based on the customer's location (offer several choices of stores when possible).

Keep your online catalogue up-to-date: Product availability is paramount and must be monitored in real-time to avoid delivery delays.

Improve your check-in service: Facilitate the retrieval of goods by a third party when the customer is unable or don't want to check in personally. How To Improve the Visibility of Your Online Store
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