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Backup Your Accessibility Settings on Samsung Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is shipped along with a couple of accessibility features (Vision, Hearing, Touch...) to help you get the most of your device. Furthermore, it allows you to export your accessibility settings to a file. You can use the file as a backup to restore your accessibility settings after a reset or share it with other compatible Samsung devices. This guide explains how to backup your accessibility settings to a file on the Galaxy S6 Edge.

How To Export/Import Your Accessibility Settings on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Click on Apps > Settings > Accessibility > Manage accessibility > Import/Export and then select Export to My Files. Transfer the backup file to your PC, cloud storage service or memory card, and use it to restore your accessibility settings whenever it is needed.

Share Your Accessibility Settings with Other Samsung Devices

Go to Settings > Accessibility> Manage accessibility > Share via and choose the most appropriate method to share the accessibility file (Bluetooth, Email, WiFi Direct...).
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