How to Clean Up the Windows 10 Taskbar

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When working on device with a small screen, one can free up some valuable space on taskbar of Windows 10 by hiding items such as the humongous Cortana Search box and the Task View menu. You can invoke these features at any moment with the appropriate keyboard shortcuts.

Hide Cortana Search Box and Task View from the Taskbar

Right-click on an empty area of the Taskbar and untick Show Task View button:
Click on Cortana and select Hidden:

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Press the [Windows key] + [C] or say "Hey Cortana" to open Cortana.
Press the [Windows key] + [S] to open the Search box.
Press the [Windows key] + [Tab] to open the Task View. Learn more in our Managing Multiple Virtual Desktops with Task View.