How To Hard Reset Your Samsung Galaxy S5

March 2018

Here's our step by step tutorial on how to hard reset a Samsung Galaxy S5. Please note that a hard reset should only be used when every other attempt to reset your phone has failed. Be sure to backup all of your personal data before proceeding.

When To Perform a Hard Reset

A hard reset might come in handy if your phone has experienced consistent slowdowns or crashes, or if you can no longer remember your lock screen pattern.

Hard resets are recommended before selling or trading in your smartphone, as all personal data and settings will be wiped.

What Does a Hard Reset Do?

Hard resets restore phones to their default factory settings. By resetting your phone, all personal data including passwords, accounts, contacts, and files will be deleted.

N.B. Hard resets do not affect the data stored on your memory card. If you would like to delete the content of your memory card, simply go to Settings > Storage > SD Card > Format.

How To Backup Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Backup your smartphone with MobileGo.
Backup your Android smartphone with Google.
Backup your SMS messages.
Backup your photos with Google Photos.

How To Perform a Hard Reset

Turn off your device, remove the battery, and wait a minute before reinserting it. Then, simultaneously press the [Power] + [Home] + [Volume Up] keys to boot your phone. Wait until the Recovery booting screen appears before releasing the keys:

Use the Volume keys to move to the Wipe data factory reset option and confirm your selection using the Power button:

The smartphone shall reboot; wait for the reset procedure to unfold.

N.B. This method also applies to other models of the Galaxy S smartphone line-up.
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