Winamp - generate your playlists in HTML format

Winamp media player allows users to display the contents of their playlist in HTML format for better sharing of music with others. To generate the Winamp playlists in HTML, the media files must be loaded in the Winamp playlist. There is an option in the Winamp playlist to generate HTML playlists. A shortcut key combination, CTRL + ALT + G can also be used to convert Winamp playlists to HTML playlists. The generated playlist in HTML format is stored in the Temp directory and can be communicated to others interested in sharing the music files.

Winamp mediaplayer allows you to show your playlist's media contents as HTML which you will be able to share with your friends!

To generate the playlist in HTML:
  • Make sure all your media files are loaded in your playlist
  • Click on the "MISC" button, on your playlist
  • Select "Misc"
  • Click on "Generate HTML playlist"
  • Or you can simply press CTRL+ALT+G

  • Your HTML Playlist will be located in:


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