Myth - Can your microwave oven affect your Wi-Fi connection?

The radio bands for the microwave can cause interference in the Wi-Fi wireless network thereby diminishing the strength of the Wi-Fii network connection. When there is a microwave oven in operation in the vicinity of a Wi-Fi network, there may be problems in the network connection. The connection may seem slow, packet drops may occur and the performance of the network connection may seem to be diminished. Internet surfing, downloading of files from the internet may become slow if the internet is being access through the Wi-Fi connection. It is also observed that as soon as the microwave oven is turned off, the interference in the Wi-Fi wireless network goes down and the network strength improves.


Your microwave oven can affect your Wi-Fi connection.


Don't be surprised if your Wi-Fi connection goes down when an nearby microwave oven is turned on.

Microwave ovens possess a radio antenna emitting at a 2.450MHz.These radio waves are usually confined within the oven's case, but sometimes a small amount can leak out. Considering than your 802.11d WLAN operate on a 2.4 GHz frequency, these radio frequency interferences may result in a decrease in performance of your network connection (downloading files or surfing on the Internet become slow).
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