How To Share Web Pages with Microsoft Edge

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It's always nice to discover new interesting websites and share them with your friends. This short guide demonstrates a simple method to share web pages with Microsoft Edge, Windows 10's default web browser.

How To Share Webpages in Windows 10

How To Share the Link to a Website

Open Microsoft Edge and browse for the desired web page. Once done, click on the Share button:

Choose the most appropriate method to share the link for the selected webpage (Mail, OneNote, Evernote, or Twitter):

How To Share a Screenshot of a Webpage

If you would like to share a screenshot of the webpage instead, click on the small drop down menu displayed next to the website's name and select the Screenshot - Share a screenshot of Microsoft... option:

N.B. The sharing options will vary based on the apps installed on your system. Furthermore, you can also use this method to rapidly insert screenshots into your notes (Evernote, Reading List, or OneNote).
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