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Skype-Winamp Mood is an add-on that can display the multimedia songs being played in Winamp mediaplayer software on Skype. It is easy to install the Skype-Winamp Mood add-on extension, and it can be done through the Skype client software. It is an optional feature and does not interfere with the working of the Skype software in any way. The Skype-Winamp mood is an extra feature that can be installed from the Tools Menu of the Skype software. Once the Skype-Winamp mood add-on has been installed, the audio being played in the Winamp mediaplayer will appear alongside the user name in the Skype contacts list.

Winamp Mood is an add-on which will allow you to display on Skype what you are listening to in Winamp mediaplayer. This Skype Extension is very easy to install!

To install the Winamp Mood add-on:
  • Open Skype
  • Click on "Tools"
  • Then click on "Extras"
  • Click on "Play Games"
  • The "Extras Manager" will appear
  • Click on "Miscellaneous" on the left
  • Locate Winamp Mood, press the play button
  • An Installation Window will then appear, check the license agreement and click OK
  • After the installation open Winamp and play a song

The song your playing will then appear next to your username on your contacts skype list

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