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Record Gameplay on Samsung Smartphones with Game Recorder+

Game Recorder+ is a free app specifically designed for Samsung smartphones that allows you to record gameplay footage and live video commentary.

Game Recorder+ Installation Prerequisites

Compatible Devices

Requires Android 4.1 or higher: Note 5, S6 Edge plus, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Active, Note 4, S5, S5 Active, Note 3, Note 3 Neo, S4, and Note 2.

N.B. As mentioned on the app download page, you may expect a boost in performance and enjoy extra features such as NOISE-FREE GAME AUDIO while running the app on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Compatible Games

Gameplay Recorder+ works with most of the games downloaded from the Play Store or Samsung GALAXY App Store.

How To Install Game Recorder+

Connect to PlayStore and search for Gameplay Recorder+ by Samsung. Open the download page and click on Install:

N.B. Game Recorder+ is currently not available for download in Europe and South Korea.

Record In-Game Videos with Game Recorder+

Once installed, launch the Game Recorder+ and tap on Next:

Tap on the Game Recorder+ (red button) to move to the next screen:

The app will list all the games currently installed on your smartphone. If you can't find one of your games, tap on the Cannot find your installed game? link and register the game manually:

Launch the desired game (tap on its corresponding icon) and when ready, tap on the Record button to start your recording (works in both landscape and portrait mode):

The Record button can be moved around and when enabled, it doubles as a screen for the front camera (face-cam commentary). You can record your gameplay and while doing so, record a live commentary using front camera and microphone of your smartphone.

Tap on the Record button to stop the recording. You can either close the game or record another video.

How To Edit Game Recorder+'s Default Settings

You can tweak Game Recorder+'s settings to meet your specific needs. Tap on More > Settings.

Adjust the Recording Settings

Use the slider button below Profile video size to adjust the size of the face cam screen:

Tap on the Profile source menu and specify whether to use the front camera to record live commentary or display a static image instead (e.g. profile picture or logo):

Tap on Audio settings and specify whether to enable or mute the microphone:

Adjust the Video and Audio Settings

Scroll to the Video settings section:
By default, the app records video at 1080p, but if the need arises, you can always switch to a lower resolution:

The same applies to Audio Bitrate. You can edit it to your liking:

Register a YouTube Account

Scroll to the Share settings section, tap on YouTube account, and sign in with your username and password.

How To Share Videos with Game Recorder+

Open the Game Recorder+ app to view your saved videos. Tap on the Download button to save a copy of the video to your Gallery or tap on the Share button to upload it to YouTube :

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