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How To Hide or Delete a YouTube Channel

If for whatever reason you decide to your YouTube channel, this article will guide through the process. We will also show you how to hide your content if you no longer wish for it to be publicly accessible but are not yet ready to delete it.

Closing Your YouTube Channel

First of all, you need to log-in to your YouTube account. Once logged in, click on your avatar in the top right corner and scroll down to Settings. Next go to the last menu tab Advanced settings and choose Delete channel.

Following this, YouTube will ask you to log in one more time and submit your Gmail password to make sure it is you.Then, you can choose whether you want to delete your channel permanently or just hide it.

Hiding Your YouTube Channel and Content

If you would prefer to hide your content rather than deleting it, the procedure is quite simple.
  • Log into your YouTube account and follow the steps as listed above. Proceed to Advanced settings and click on Delete channel.
  • Here you'll be presented with 2 options, to delete your content but also to hide it:

  • Click on I want to hide my content and you will see exactly what will and will not be hidden once you've selected this option.

Image: © Dzmitry Kliapitski - 123rf.com

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