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Use your Agfa Snapscan series scanner with Windows Vista

The Agfa Snapscan series scanner captures image data through a document. Agfa scanners have software to allow users to scan documents and edit text. Agfa scanners are capable of importing photographs, and editing them to your requirements. When you use it with Windows Vista, check for the right driver to match your Agfa hardware and Windows version. Windows Vista is a multimedia rich user-friendly operating system; hence download the "ScanWise+drivers" pack from the official website of Agfa Series Scanner. Install the scanner software along with the drivers and check for any compatibility issues with Windows Vista. Disconnect the scanner and install the ScanWise 2 interface application software. Now the Agfa scanner is ready to use on your Windows Vista.

Download the "ScanWise+drivers" pack

Visit this site to download the Agfa drivers needed. Each scanner model seems to have a package associated to it, because the drivers are different.

Choose the package that corresponds to your equipment - in our case a Snapscan 1212 USB which can be found here.

Install the scanner with the driver

Before connecting the scanner, you must make the following modifications:
  • Simply extract the exe file you just downloaded to a folder of your choice. To do this, right click on the file - in our case,
  • Now you can connect your scanner. Normally it is detected by Vista: remove the automatic installation if it starts.
  • The file we just created contains the drivers that will allow us to do a manual installation of the scanner.
  • In "Control Panel > Device Manager, you should see your scanner at the top.
  • Double-click or right-click to install the driver manually.

Install the ScanWise 2 software

The scanner may be disconnected for this step.

Now run the exe file downloaded from Agfa - in our case ScanWise installation will start and you have the option to create an icon on the desktop for later.

Use ScanWise

  • Plug your scanner. It appears in the "Scanners and Cameras".
  • At this point simply start ScanWise and everything should be working.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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