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How To Record Your Computer Screen in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Xbox app comes with a built-in feature called Game DVR that allows users to record and share video game footage on Xbox Live. This tutorial will teach you how to use the Game DVR feature to record other footage on your screen.

Record Your Screen with the Windows 10 Xbox App

Before beginning, you should note that the Game DVR feature can only be activated within a program or game window. You will not be able to launch the feature from the Desktop, Control Panel, or File Explorer.

Sign Up for Xbox Live

In order to take full advantage of the DVR feature, you need to have an Xbox Live account. Go to the Start menu > All apps > Xbox. Here, you can sign up for the app or sign in to it using your Microsoft account.

Record Screen Footage

Run the Xbox app and minimize it so that it runs in the background. Next, open the program you'd like to record and press the [Windows] key + [G]. A dialogue window will open that reads, Do you want to open Game bar?. Click Yes, this is a game to proceed:

Your Game Bar will open, giving you access to the recording controls. Click on the Camera icon to take a screenshot or click the red circle button to record video footage:

Click the red square button to stop recording:

N.B. Once you have registered a program as a game in Xbox app, you can use the [Windows] key + [Alt] + [R] keyboard shortcut to start or pause a recording. Furthermore, the Xbox app allows you to remap the keyboard shortcuts and customize your default settings. Click the cog icon displayed on the Game Bar to access the Settings menu.

View Your Game DVR Videos

Once you've captured your content, bring the Xbox app to the front, and click the Menu button > Game DVR > On this PC:

This is where the Xbox app keeps your videos and screenshots. Click Open folder to locate the video on your hard drive. Videos are usually found in C:\Users\Username\Videos\Captures.
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