Cannot find script file - C:WINDOWSsowar.vbs

Whenever I start my laptop I get: Cannot find script file "C:\WINDOWS\sowar.vbs".
I think this is a virus. What should I do to resolve this one? Another thing, whenever I open internet explorer, the name "Internet Explorer" at the top is replaced by "SoWar Browser" and my homepage was set to a porn site (

To fix this issue, please follow these steps:

Boot into safe mode (use F8 after the Windows screen is displayed)
use Ctr + Alt + Delete to run explorer.exe
Click on File > New Task > type: explorer.exe, Press OK

This will show your desktop icons but not solve the problem

Now follow these steps:

1- copy explorer.exe from another clean computer (from C:\WINDOWS) to a flash drive

2- in your computer go to C:\WINDOWS

3- show hidden files from (Tools - Folder Options - View - Show hidden files and folders)

4- delete explorer.exe and any other files that start with explorer...
delete any files that start with "sowar"

5- copy the new file (explorer.exe) from the flash drive

6- log off or restart

7- log on and you should have the desktop back. But you still have to delete sowar files and the sowar startup

8. Then download Malwarebytes anti-malware program here. Install it and run it in safe mode. It should fix your problem.

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