How To Show the User Library in Mac OS X

Beginning with the launch of OS X 10.7, Apple took the decision to hide the user library, which stores a user's personal settings, application support files, as well as some data. If you would like to regain access to your user library, here's a quick tutorial on how to show these files on your Mac. To access your user library, open Finder and click on your Go menu, all while keeping your Alt key pressed down. Click on Library to access your personal library.

Another method of accessing your user library is through your Go to Folder menu. Begin in Finder and then go to Go > Go to Folder . Alternatively, you can use the [Shift] + [Command] + [G] keyboard shortcut. Paste the following in the input field:

~ / Library /

to access your library. The most recent versions of OS X come with a setting to keep your user library permanently displayed. You may do this by going to Finder and clicking on your Home directory. Click on View > Show View Options, and tick the checkbox that reads Show Library folder.

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