How To Block a User on Twitter

If you are being harassed, stalked, bullied, or simply want to prevent people from following your Twitter activities, the Block feature provides a quick solution to cut ties with undesired users on microblogging platform. This guide explains how to block Twitter accounts in a couple of easy steps.

Sign in to Twitter and then navigate to the profile page of the account you want to block. Tap on the Cog (More user actions) menu > Block:
Click on Block to add the account to your block list. Browse your timeline for a tweet or message published by the user you want to block. Click on the Ellipsis (…) button displayed below the selected tweet and select Block:
Open the Twitter app and browse for a tweet published by the user you want to block. Hold your finger down for a couple of seconds on the username displayed at the top of the tweet and then tap on Block. By blocking a user on Twitter, you are taking away the user's ability to contact you via Direct Messages, view your Twitter activity (Tweets, following, followers, photos & videos, online status...), add your Twitter account to a list, or tag you in photos. If you would like to restore a user account you've previously blocked on Twitter, go to Profile & Settings > Settings > Blocked Accounts:
Click on the cog menu displayed next to the desired account > Unblock:
Twitter also gives you the ability to save your block list to a file and share it with other users. You can, for example, create a block list out of the spam accounts you’ve encountered so far, export it to a file, and share it with your friends. Head back to Profile & Settings > Settings > Blocked Accounts, click on Advanced options to import/export a block list:
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