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Tips for E-Recruitment

The emergence of a new generation of internet users, social media, and mobile internet has led many companies and recruitment agencies to move their recruitment process online. This new phenomenon gave birth to what is commonly known as E-Recruitment.

Specialized platforms such as e-recruitment websites, professional social networks, job boards, corporate blogs and mobile apps now allow companies to harness the internet’s unrivalled ability to connect people and maximize their recruitment efforts.

Best Tips for Online Recruitment

Advantages of Online Recruitment

The recruitment of new employees through traditional recruitment channels (press releases, recruitment agencies, job fairs…) requires a lot of time and resources, especially when there are thousands of applicants for the advertised post. E-recruitment makes the entire recruitment process more efficient and less expensive in many ways:

- Companies can connect to a larger pool of potential applicants by being present on the various online platforms and social networks.

- The selection process is facilitated through the use of specialized tools/services, allowing recruiters to refine their searches for the ideal candidate(s), or review a large number of applicants.

- The format of job advertisement can be modified or adapted to meet particular needs or appeal to a specific demographic or audience.

Advertising Jobs Online

Direct Recruitment

Corporate websites are the first place job seekers will search for open positions and job vacancies within a company. Announcements made on the company’s website can also be relayed to public and professional social network pages. Job opportunities can be posted in a special Recruitment section, highlighted on the site's home page.

Recruitment via Job Boards

There are many websites commonly known as job boards or employment websites that specialize in job search, employment and career. Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com and Indeed.com are among the leading employment websites on the internet. These websites contain thousands of resumes which can be viewed for free. The cost for the publication of job advertisement varies from one platform to another.

Recruitment via Social Networks

With over 300 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the ideal hunting ground for both e-recruiters and job seekers. The social network has deployed several features to help job seekers in their passive or active job searches and for companies to advertise their job opportunities through its Talent Solutions service. Furthermore, companies have the ability to use their business page as an additional recruiting channel.

Recruitment via Mobile Apps

Mobile recruitment involves the use of a dedicated app such as Jobr to push job advertisements to registered mobile users.

Recruitment Blogs

Other than the company’s main website, a blog page can be committed to recruitment and career opportunities. This allows recruiters to aggregate information from various sources (Facebook Page, Twitter account…) and display it in a single page. This type of solution usually requires additional investment in terms of technical and human resources, as the blog must be regularly updated to remain attractive.

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