How To Revert to an Earlier Build of Windows 10

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Microsoft is constantly evolving Windows 10 through a series updates commonly referred to as builds. A build is like new version of the OS, packed with unique features and settings.

How To Find the Build Number

Builds are downloaded through the Windows Update service. Once installed, they will change the software version and build number of your operating system. The
command allows you to check your current build number. You can execute it from the Run command, the command prompt, or the Search field:

How To Rollback to an Earlier Build

If you are experiencing issues with a new build, then there’s always the possibility to roll back to the previous one. However, reverting to an earlier build will not be without consequences, as you'll lose access to all the features and settings included in the current build. Furthermore, this operation may affect the operation of some of your apps; it is often necessary to reinstall the faulty apps.

Click on Start > Settings and then navigate to Update & Security > Recovery > Go back to an earlier build. Click on the Get started button and follow the onscreen instructions:
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