Bootmgr is compressed - Windows Vista and 7

On startup, if the Windows system stops with an error message of 'bootmgr is compressed', the C:\ drive of the system might have been compressed. The error can be fixed once the system has been repaired. At times,when trying to create space, users might accidentally compress the hard drive.To repair the PC, the operating system installation DVD is required. Through the repair disk, the hard drives can be browsed and fixed by un-checking the compress drive to save space option. The system needs to be restarted for the modifications to fix the bootmgr is compressed error.


After compressing your drive C: you get this message:

bootmgr is compressed

ctrl + alt + del to restart the computer.


  • Insert the installation DVD in your system.
  • Click Repair your computer.
  • Then click on Load Driver.
  • Go to Computer.
  • Right click on the partition you previously compressed and choose Properties.
  • Then uncheck "Compress drive to increase space available".
  • Then close all windows to restart the computer.
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