Custom Zoom in Google Chrome

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Google Chrome comes with a built-in feature that allows users to zoom in and out on webpages. You can trigger the zoom controls in a webpage by clicking on Menu > Zoom or using the [CTRL] + [+] and [CTRL] + [-] key combos.

How To Apply Custom Zoom Level to Webpages in Google Chrome

You may have noticed that Google Chrome make use of a predefined set of values to increment or decrement the zoom factor. You can, for example, zoom in at 110%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, and so on, but you won’t be able to choose a custom value. That’s where the Zoom browser extension comes in handy.

Open Google Chrome and then search for the Zoom extension on the Chrome Web Store. Once done, click on the Add to Chrome > Add Extension to install the extension:
Once installed, a new Z button will appear next to the address bar. Click on the button to display the zoom controls. Use the slider button or the mouse wheel to set the zoom level to the desired value (from 1 up to 400):
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