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Set Up Your Computer with DIK

As a system administrator, one of your primary tasks will be to configure the computer systems. You’ll have to classify the computers based on their roles and implement specific configurations for users. DIK - Ium Deployment Kit is a free program that can help you with this task.

DIK - Ium Deployment Kit provides a quick and easy solution to configure your computer and then replicate the same setup on other computers. You just have to configure a reference computer and then clone the setup on your other devices. Download and install DIK - Ium Deployment Kit here. It’s free, lightweight, and requires no registration.

The 64-bit version of DIK is compatible with Windows 7 (x64), Windows 8.0/8.1 (x64), and Windows 10 (x64).

The 32-bit version of DIK is only compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.0 (32-bit).

Once downloaded, extract the zip file and double-click on DIum_Kit.exe to launch the utility. DIum_Kit.exe automatically adapts to the version of Windows currently installed on your computer. Furthermore, it can be launched from a removable media. DIK - Ium Deployment Kit, through its simple and ergonomic interface, facilitates the access to the advanced system settings (hover your mouse cursor over the various items to have a fast description):
Here’s a summary of the different settings available:

The General tab: Add new entries such as Take Ownership or Open ++ to the context menu, control the activation of services, and load a custom REG file (registry tweaks).
The Interface tab: Install theme pack, and change the look of the Task Manager.
The Others tab: Disable Prefetch and Superfetch on SSD, disable Windows Defender and Action Center.
The Module tab: Add or remove modules.
The Windows tab: Turn off Cortana, OneDrive or other built-in features.
The Apps WStore tab: Uninstall apps download from the Windows App Store.

Navigate through the different tabs and enable the desired settings by ticking the appropriate checkboxes. Click the blue arrow to the right once finished. DIK - Ium Deployment Kit will then ask you if want to create restore point (leave the option ticked unless you have disabled System Restore on your PC). Leave the other options as they are and then click on Finish Installation to apply your new settings (restart required). You can expand the functionalities of DIK - Ium Deployment Kit through the installation of modules. Download your modules here. Among the other features worth mentioning in DIK - Ium Deployment Kit is MozBackup, a tool that allows you to backup your Mozilla Firefox browser profile, and Double Driver, a small utility to backup your computer drivers. Click on the Tools menu to access these features:
Click on the Sysprep menu and click on Enable Admin Account and log off to reboot your computer in Audit mode. It’s an essential step in capturing the image of your OS.

Learn more: Sysprep Command-Line Options.


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