NFS Undercover Graphics and Lag problems

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Even a computer with a good configuration can only support and display particular graphics. Users playing video games need a system that supports games' graphics to avoid poor display: for example, a straight line can easily be displayed as a zigzag line. Users can also face a lag problem when trying to play a game. If the game is not configured properly, the user can come across these problems. Have a look at the article below to see details of the possible issues faced and how to solve them.


I am having problems with my Need For Speed Undercover: both graphics and lag problem!

My Graphics problem:
None of the lines are straight; they are all zigzagy! It's hard to explain but you know in the program (Paint) that comes with XP when you draw a diagonal line it's not straight and comes up as all zigzagy! That's what absolutely everything is like in NFS! I've done all the graphic options and resolution and stuff! I did notice that changing the resolution does make it better but it's still not normal. I have tried the auto config button on my monitor but I still have the same problem! Is it a problem with the game or the PC?

My Performance problem:

Just the normal lag lag lag lag mini freeze lag (lol). I tried lowering the graphics but there is nearly no difference between the highest and lowest! At the start of some videos it lags: you can hear the sound but not see the screen for a couple of seconds.
If you have a solution, please tell me; and if you have this game on PC, can you tell me how it runs and your specifications!


You will have to set the processor to affinity. To do this:
  • Run the NFS Undercover game.
  • Press Alt+Tab to come out.
  • Open up Windows Task Manager (Ctl+Alt+Del).
  • Click on the Processed tab and find your game or application
  • Right click on the game or application and select Set Affinity.
  • You will see CPU0 and CPU1 checked. Uncheck either one.
  • Click OK
  • Go back into your game or application and you will now be running your program on one core."

I have to admit it's pretty pathetic that very little effort or thought went into the testing of this game before they released it on the shelves.

Thanks to dan for this tip on the forum.

Nfs undercover d3dx9_34.dll"is missing