GIMP-Add watermarks on your Digital Arts

April 2018

Gimp is a very powerful photo editing software just like Photoshop! Gimp allows you to apply watermarks on your artworks to stop people from stealing your artwork if you are posting them websites, blogs or on your personal pages!

To add a watermark:
  • Click on File,
  • Select Open
  • Browse and open your digital art piece
  • Click on Layer and select New Layer
  • Name your new layer as “watermark”
  • Open layers palette, then click on Dialog
  • Select Layers
  • Deselect the digital art layer by clicking on the eye on the left (next to it)
  • Now Select the New layer
  • Select the paint bucket from your tool box
  • Paint the layer White
  • Select Text, “T” from the tool box
  • Select the black color for the text to type the copyright information on the digital art
  • Click on Filters > Distorts > Emboss
  • Select again your digital Layer and the watermark later,
  • Change text layer to “Hard Light” mode.
  • Change watermark layer to “Overlay” mode
  • Your text will appear on your digital art!
  • You will now have to save your new Image,
  • Select Flatten image
  • Then click on Export and select the size of your picture to 100

This a video from Youtube which will help you if you are having any trouble:
How To Make A Basic Watermark Using GIMP

Now you can produce copyrighted artworks easily!
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