Error message: 'Your Security Settings do Not Allow This File to be Dowloaded'

Security settings are an integral part of computing. These settings not only guard against unauthorised access but also protect against any kind of malware or virus attacks, coming from the internet or external drives. The most important part, however, is to choose these security settings judiciously otherwise day-to-day computer activities like downloading can be hindered. If you're having downloading problems caused by settings issues, you simply have to access the Custom Level option from Tools to make the required changes. Follow this guide for a detailed explanation.

Error message: Your security settings do not allow this file to be dowloaded

You are trying to download a file or software, but the following message is displayed:

  • "Your security settings do not allow you to download this file......."

Steps to Take to Solve Issue

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Go to Tools/Internet Options/Security/ Custom Level
  • Scroll to "Launching applications and unsafe file"
    • Select "Prompt".

  • Click on OK to validate.

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