Counter Strike 1.6 - error message: available memory less than

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Even if the system has enough memory, the Counter Strike 1.6 video game may show an error about insufficient memory in the computer system and fails to launch Counter Strike 1.6. The Counter Strike 1.6 available memory error is not linked to the memory or RAM available in the computer system. It is a configuration issue when running Counter Strike 1.6.The Counter Strike 1.6 available memory error can be solved easily by replacing an older version of the file with a new one. Whenever downloading files from an external link, it is recommended to scan the file with anti-virus before using it.


I installed Counter Strike 1.6 on my Eindows XP professional x64 machine. When I try to run the game I get this message:
Available memory less than 15 MB.

I went to compatibility but it still shows the same problem.


Download this file. Use it to replace the default file in the main <GAMEDIR> where HLDS.exe is also located.
Jean-François Pillou

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