Missing Sync - Sync Windows Mobile on MAC

For MAC users who want to connect their Windows mobile portable device: Missing Sync is the software that you need to use. Missing sync is the best commercial synchronization tool that can be used for connecting Windows mobile handsets to computers. Windows mobile phones from Omnia, Palm and HTC are just a few that can be synchronized using Missing sync. This tool can be used even for connecting a PC with Windows mobile's latest version of 6.5. Missing sync can also be used for transferring music, managing contacts, restoring backup data files and installing various applications.


You have a MAC OS PC and you want to connect your Windows Mobile Portable device?


Missing Sync is the best synchronization tool that allows you to connect your Windows Mobile phones such as HTC, Omnia and Palm phones and also with the latest version of Windows Mobile (6.5). Missing Sync will easily help manage your contacts, transfer music, backup your data and install applications etc.


Download Missing Sync here

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