Facebook Desktop Notifications in Windows 10

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Following the installation of Google Chrome onto their Windows 10 devices, some users have reported that they are constantly being annoyed by Facebook toast notifications popping up on their desktop. This happens when you have signed up to Facebook on Google Chrome and the web browser is configured to display notifications from websites, apps, and extensions. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to put a stop to these pesky notifications.

Prevent Google Chrome from Pushing Facebook Notifications to Your Desktop

Open Google Chrome and click on Customize and control Google Chrome > Settings. Click on the + Show advanced settings link and then navigate to the Privacy section > Content Settings:

Go to the Notifications section and click on the Manage Exceptions:

Create a new entry for Facebook (Hostname pattern: https://www.facebook.com) and then select Block:

Click on the Finished button and close the Notifications exceptions window.

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