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In my Excel sheet, Column "B" has the "Pending or Closed" Status and Column "C" has "Severity 1, Severity 2 and Severity 3"

I want to count in the cells with the "Pending and Severity 2" status.
I am able to count below two formulas individually but I want to know how many Pending Severity 1 count.
=COUNTIF(C:C,"Sevirity 1") 


Suppose that your data is arranged like this:

A B C      
1 4      
2 5      
3 6      
4 7      
5 8      
pending severity 1      
7 1      
8 2      
pending severity 2      
9 4 

In any empty cell use this formula, (modify it if needed):

=SUMPRODUCT((B1:B10="pending")*(C1:C10="severity 1"))

Note that

Thanks to venkat1926 for this tip on the forum.
Jean-François Pillou

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