Myth - Zone alarm and Avast are not compatible

April 2018

Various myths and legends are prevalent with respect to internet security softwares ZoneAlarm and Avast. There is an ongoing thought with many users that both of these softwares cannot be installed and run on the same computer. However, one must be aware that ZoneAlarm primarily acts as a firewall but also has web filtering and anti-virus properties. Avast on the other hand is an antivirus which can also perform web filtering. To avoid any issues whilst running Avast antivirus the user should make sure that only the firewall option is turned on for ZoneAlarm so that they both do not perform the same task.

ZoneAlarm and Avast are not compatible.They must not be installed on the same PC.
You can run both Avast and ZoneAlarm on the same PC.
If you installed Avast on a PC already equipped with ZoneAlarm, you will have a pop up window informing you that there is compatibility problem concerning Web Filtering.
ZoneAlarm's primary function is to act as a firewall, but also perform to web filtering and act as an antivirus. As for Avast, it is an antivirus capable of performing web filtering. In order to prevent any conflicts be sure that ZoneAlarm and Avast are not performing the same tasks.
You can have Avast running an antivirus, but don't forget to disable all functions (antivirus protection, web filter) on ZoneAlarm, keeping only the firewall option enabled.
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