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Windows 7 Compatibility Center is now launched. This is a webpage by Microsoft which will help you to check your hardware compatibility with the latest Windows 7! It is very easy to and very useful if you want to check whether your new or old hardware will be compatible with Windows 7. Before any installation or purchase, you can visit Windows 7 Compatibility Center to check if the hardware can used on the Seven OS!

Check Hardware Compatibility

Click Windows 7 Compatibility Center to access webpage.
  • Browse for “Hardware”
  • Then select the hardware type, let’s say “Graphics Cards & Components”

  • Choose Graphics Card then you will get a list of Graphic cards which are compatible with Windows 7

  • You can also quick search a device by:
    • Selecting "Hardware"
    • Typing the Product Name to search


If you are using Windows Vista, please note that you can check hardware the compatibility with the platform! Click here, Repeat the same steps as for the Windows 7 Compatibility Center.
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