The Add/Remove Programs icon is missing in Control Panel

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Programs can be installed and uninstalled from the control panel on Windows operating systems. If the add and remove program icon is missing in the control panel,it will not be possible to use this feature. Without add or remove programs,it becomes difficult to uninstall programs in a clean manner. It is simple to fix this problem. Theadd and remove program icon can be missing in the control panel because of a damaged or missing applet required for this feature. The applet is present in the form of a command in the Windows system folders and it needs to be run once to solve the issue.

When trying to add a program on your computer system, you may find that the Add/Remove Programs icon is missing.

This can be due to a missing or damaged file - Appwiz.cpl

This applet is stored under the name appwiz.cpl in the system 32 folder.
  • First, open the Start menu and click Run.
  • Then, in the open window, type: appwiz.cpl (See below).

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