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Setting up your own DNS Server


I have my own registered domain. I want to set up my own DNS server and host a website completely independent of any third party hosting service. I have Windows Server 2003 and have installed the DNS role and configured it with a single forward zone (I am new to this terminology and am not sure if I am using it correctly). Lets say my domain is xyz.com I have the DNS role set up for xyz.com as the domain with a forward lookup zone. Also, I have reserved an internal IP to my server using the router's DHCP reservation list. So I basically have a static IP for my server on the internal network. How do I go about setting up this infrastructure so that I can have my own DNS set up and host my website ?


Some how it stumbled on to this thread and was amazed at all of the miss information going around and just plain garbled instructions.

First of all, you need to register your DNS server with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) for anyone to actually find it. I seriously doubt you would pass the requirements of having your own DNS sever registered with the root DNS servers (the ones at your ISP) seeing as how you don't know how to set one up to begin with. The easiest way is to register a domain on somewhere like GoDaddy or another domain hosting site that will let you manually edit the DNS records or at least set up forwarders to your own DNS.

Second you have to make sure your ISP does not block port 80 (the port used for web browsing and HTTP) by default, which most home ISPs do. Most ISPs have a "business package" you can purchase with more bandwidth, static IP and more open ports but usually costs way more. You can always assign the web server do a diffrent port but good luck getting anyone to add the port number (www.example.com:8080 for example) to the end of the web address and anyone finding it.

Third you will have to use IIS 6 or download an Apache server to actually host the website. Both have many things you have to do to secure the web server to insure it doesn't get hacked and is the target of every script kiddie and 2 bit hacker out there.

Fourth you acutally have to code the website in HTML or CSS or whatever you plan on using and that in itself is quite and undertaking, in addition to all the layers of technology you have to manage.

Also bashing people because they can speak English is just hilarious when you can speak it well enough yourself, you are almost impossible to understand and it doesn't give anyone an incentive to actually help you.


Thanks to IT Guy for this tip on the forum.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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