Excel - Tasks to be performed automatically on particular dates


I have a huge spreadsheet and I am constantly updating it. Is it possible to have a cell give me a value based on the values of other cells. For example I will be entering dates on a row for each task preformed, and what I want to happen is have a cell say complete or something when all those dates have been entered. The other thing is on my spreadsheet there are 5 different jobs that are broken up by 10 tasks for each job. Can I also do this task which automatically gives the value complete on the spreadsheet multiple time. Thank you so much in advance.


Try this:
Dates will be in cells A1, A2, A3, & A4

Put this formula in Cell A5:

Put this formula in Cell A6:
=IF(A5=0,"All Complete", "Need More") 

Or, they can be combined into one cell
=IF(COUNTBLANK(A1:A4)=0,"All Complete", "Need More")

Alternatively, you can use COUNTA to test for the number of cells that are filled in and change the zero to the number of cells monitored and then reverse the message alternatives.
If you use conditional formatting for Cell A6 you can also change the color of the text to make the status more noticeable.

Note that

Thanks to RZ for this tip on the forum.
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