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Windows - Access the Control Panel is denied

Windows - Unable to access the Control Panel?

You want to access the Control Panel, but it's missing from the Start Menu. You can always try to access it using the Run command, but in most cases the following messages will be displayed
"The operation has been cancelled due to restriction in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator"
This error is usually related to corrupted Control Panel files (*.cpl) or a bad Windows configuration.

Driver issue

The installation of drivers for some devices (especially Nvidia graphics cards) can cause this type of issue, if the previous driver has not been properly uninstalled.
  • To identify which element of the Control Panel is causing the error, just move all *.cpl files contained in C:Windows/System32 to afolder of your choice and then send them back one by one.
  • Reinstall the drivers

Virus infection

It is possible that the malfunction is due to malware or virus preventing access to the control panel.
  • Update your antivirus/antimalware software and scan your computer.

Configuration problem

  • Click on Start/Run and then type the following command:

  • Click on User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Control Panel/
    • Search for the following entry "Prohibit access to the Control Panel" and make sure it is disabled

You can also perform this manipulation via the registry:
  • Open the Registry editor (Start / Run / Regedit)
  • Go to:
  • Double-click
  • Set the value of
    00 00 00 00

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