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How To Import iTunes Playlists in Windows 10

Windows 10 is shipped a brand new music app called Groove Music that brings together the functionality of an audio player, streaming platform and music store. Not only does it allow users to organize and play digital audio files on their computer, but it also allows them to access an online audio streaming service of same name.

Groove Music features all the necessary options to build your music library on your computer, and this includes the ability to import iTunes music playlists. If you would like to import your iTunes playlists into Groove Music, this tutorial will teach you how to do so.

Import iTunes Playlists into Windows 10's Groove Music

How To Set Up iTunes to Share Library Files

In the latest iterations of the iTunes app, the library files are hidden by default. However, if you'd like to show these folders, you simply have to enable Share iTunes XML with other applications in the iTunes advanced preferences:

For more information, please read our article How To Share iTunes Library Files.

Import iTunes Playlists into Groove Music

Open the Groove Music app and click on Menu > Settings. Navigate to the Music on this PC section and click on Import iTunes Playlist > Import:

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