Memory - Using Windows Memory Test

Windows Memory Test is a utility to test the RAM units of a PC. It works regardless of operating system.

  • You will need to create a disk or boot disk to run Windows Memory Test:
  • Download Microsoft Wizard:
  • Open the program, the wizard asks what media to use:
  • Create Startup Disk: Create a boot disk.
  • Save CD Image to Disk: Create a boot disk.
  • The disk, once created, can be used directly.

If you want to create a CD, you must first save an ISO image to the location of your choice You must then burn the ISO image to disk.
At this point we have a bootable media:

Place the disk or diskette in the drive and restart the computer. On restart, the utility should start immediately, if this is not the case, check the BIOS boot order.
The test begins, we get this:

  • Pass: All tests, a single pass is enough to test the RAM because all tests are performed, but it is better to wait 3 or 4 pass.
  • In the middle are the result of testing:
  • Active: Being tested
  • Succeeded: Successful test
  • Failed: Failed Test
  • Below, the errors found.

Let the test run for 3 or 4 pass minimum. Stop the procedure by pressing X. Note: If you do not stop, the utility continues indefinitely to perform tests for 10, 15 pass ...

  • If all the tests have the "succeeded" status: The memory works correctly, if you have a problem on the computer, it is unlikely that it comes from memory.
  • If numerous tests have "Failed" (often always the same at each pass): RAM is damaged. If several modules are in place, try testing each memory module alone to determine which one defective.
  • If one or two tests have failed randomly: It appears that RAM is unstable at times. If you encounter problems, you should try replacing the modules.

Thanks to Yoan for this tip
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