MAC OSX – Safari can't open hotmail

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I cannot open my Hotmail emails if I use my MAC OSX with Safari at home. I think that this happens since Hotmail changed its configuration with Windows Live. In fact, if I use any PC, there is no problem at all. I need to resolve the problem because mainly I use MAC. Could you help me?


I found out the solution to this problem from another forum for mac users. Credit goes to the poster (can't remember his/her name).
  • Launch your Safari 4 and log in to your Hotmail Account
  • Open up Preferences
  • Under Advanced tab, check 'Show Develop menu in menu bar'
  • Search if Develop is available in your menu bar(top of your screen where you can find File, Edit and View etc)
  • Under Develop drop-down menu, open up User Agent and select Firefox for Mac

Voila! It should work fine now and enjoy reading and deleting your emails in Hotmail!


Thanks to phoonCK for this tip on the forum.

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