Windows 98 - Formatting with boot disk

April 2018

Prequisitives for formatting

  • Back up your important data
    • Documents
    • Favorites
    • Mail and Address Book
  • Verify that you have available
    • Startup Disk
    • Drivers for your hardware

Getting started

Make sure the boot disk starts the CD-ROM drive
  • This verification is important because, after formatting, you'll need access to this drive to re-install the operating system.
  • Insert the disk
  • Start the PC
  • Select "with support of the CD player"
  • Confirm by pressing "Enter"
  • a:\> appears.
  • Insert the Windows CD
  • Following a:\>prompt, type d: (d: designates your CD) and confirm with "enter"
  • A new line appears: d: \>
  • Type the Dir command and confirm with "Enter"

If you see the contents of the CD is good, you can continue.


  • From the line d:\>, returning to the floppy by typing a:
  • Confirm with "Enter"
  • A new line appears: a:\>
  • To start the formatting (which will erase everything on your disk), type format c: just behind the a:\>
  • Note that "c" is the name of the disk or partition to format. So if you want to format another volume, replace "c" by the letter corresponding to the volume you want to format.
  • Confirm with "Enter"
  • At the end of formatting a message inviting you to name your hard drive. Type a name (not mandatory) and confirm with "Enter".
  • From there simply re-install your OS and Drivers
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