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What To Do When Your OS Won't Boot

If you've attempted to turn on your computer but are being met with a blank screen, there are a number of reasons that your computer won't boot. This tutorial will walk you through how to check your RAM, your motherboard and your PCI cards.

Fix a Computer That Won't Boot

N.B. Before making any attempt to remove or replace pieces of your computer, ensure that your device is turned off.

Check Your Computer's RAM

If your computer is in good working condition, the most likely cause of this issue is your memory card (RAM). Try removing and replacing your current memory card.

If placing your memory card in another card slot does not work, it is likely that the problem lies with the memory card, itself. You will need to replace it.

Check the Condition of Your Motherboard

Verify that your motherboard is still in good working condition. You can do this by removing your memory card, and then powering on your PC.

Upon rebooting your computer, you should be met with continuous beeping sounds. If so, your motherboard is not the cause of your booting issues.

Check Your PCI Cards

If your RAM and motherboard seem to be working properly, it is possible that your problem is being caused by faulty PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) cards.

Remove your current PCI cards, and then power on your computer.

Check Your Processor

If your computer is turning on, it is very unlikely that your processor is faulty. However, if you would still like to check to make sure that your processor is OK, you should remove the CPU cooler fan and then power on your PC.

Place your finger on your computer's processor for 2 seconds. You should find that the processor begins to heat up. Turn off your computer immediately.

If this process works, your processor is in good condition.

N.B. Remember not to leave your computer on for more than 5 seconds.

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