Remove Picasa Albums from Android Gallery

Upon syncing your Android phone or tablet, you may find that your photo gallery contains Picasa or Google Photo albums. These albums may be deleted temporarily; however, Google will automatically add these folders back to user albums each time a phone is synced.

Luckily, there is a way to permanently delete Picasa and Google Photo albums from your phone. This involves a quick change in your Google sync settings and a reinitialization of your phone's gallery application.

How To Remove Picasa from Your Android Gallery

Head to your Android Settings and then click on the Accounts tab. Select your Gmail address. Note that if you manage more than one Gmail account on your phone, it may be necessary to repeat this process for each account.

You'll see that by default, your device has pre-selected some of your synchronization options. Uncheck the Sync Picasa Web Albums option to disable the syncing.

Now return to your Settings tab and tap on Apps or Application Manager. Search for your Gallery or Photos app. Click on Clear Data, followed by Confirm.

Your device may take several seconds to refresh. Once done, head to your Gallery. Your albums should now be gone, and your phone should no longer automatically sync your albums.
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