How To Synchronize Dropbox and Android

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The file-hosting service Dropbox is an online tool that facilitates data storage and consultation. Thanks to its official application, users may have direct access to all files stored on their Dropbox on their Android devices.

Using Dropbox will allow you to save space on your device, as photos stored on your Dropbox are not directly saved to your mobile, but to your Cloud. This article will teach you how to install Dropbox on your Android device so that you may benefit from the Cloud services.

How To Use Dropbox with Android

The first step is to download and install the Dropbox for Android application.

Once installed, go to your phone Settings and tap on Cloud.

Click on Add Dropbox account. Input your Dropbox account information, and then authorize your device to access your Dropbox folder. Once your information is registered, you may choose which type of files (photos, videos, or documents) you would like to sync with your device.

Upon configuration, head to your gallery. A Dropbox folder should be listed among your albums, containing all of the photos you have stored to your Cloud. Note that it will not be possible to delete Dropbox photos from your smartphone or tablet. If you'd like to delete album photos, you will need to do this directly via Dropbox.

Now that you're all set up, you will have access to all of your stored files wherever you go. In addition, all photos taken with your smartphone or tablet will be automatically saved to Dropbox if you're connected via WiFi.
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