HP Pavillion DV6000 Graphic card issue

HP Pavillion dv6000 can encounter issues during start up e.g. it may start beeping. This kind of error in the laptop may arise due to some hardware problem like that of the graphics card. To tackle this issue it is imperative to know the location of the graphics card. One can access this hardware by removing the motherboard and the CPU of the HP Pavillion dv6000, but one must follow the required technical procedure of removal of the components. Reinstallation of the graphics card in the system through a specified procedure is likely to solve the issue.


My HP Pavillion dv6000 is having a problem. At start-up the laptop beeps, one long one followed by two short ones. On the link https://ccm.net/contents/373-bios it says it is a problem with the graphics card. The only problem with this is I do not know where the graphics card is located and how to fix this problem. If you have any possible solutions to this problem please post.


I had the same problem with my DV9000.

I have found a solution for this issue:

  • Remove the mother board for the laptop
  • Remove CPU
  • Put the motherboard in heater at 200°C for 4 minutes maximum - it is not a joke, it is for good soldering between components and motherboard.
  • Take out the motherboard and press on the NVIDIA chipset near the CPU socket to make the best contact possible when it is cold...wait half an hour before reinstalling the motherboard.
  • When you mount CPU heater and fan, add a little flat washer between the heather and the NVIDIA chipset.
  • Be sure there is a pressing on the chipset to block it on the mainboard when the temperature increases.
  • Like others, I use FanSpeed to control the temperature so that it is more and less 50°C for GPU instead of 70°C or more before the operation.
  • I have had no problem since doing this operation.

Good luck...

Note that

Thanks to FreeWilly for this tip on the forum.

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