DNA A211 Router/Modem Wifi problem

Internet Service Providers such as BSNL provide the DBA A211 1 Modem or Router for internet connectivity through Wi-fi. If there are issues in accessing the internet through the wifi network, there could be problems in the configuration of the wireless router. The settings of the router can be accessed from the computer after physically connecting the router to the computer. "admin" is the default username and password to enter the settings page of the router. After the settings for SSID authentication type WPA-PSK and the pre-shared key is set, the DBA A211 1 Modem or Router must be rebooted for the new settings to take effect.


Can anybody help me with a DNA A211 1 Modem/Router problem I am facing.
Actually the problem is I am not able to connect to the internet through Wifi. While I am trying to install the drivers from the CD Rom provided by the BSNL team it is showing some setup errors. My OS is Windows Vista.

When I am switching on my wireless in the laptop no wireless network is detected.


Check whether your Wlan lamp is on in the modem
if your Wlan lamp is on and you stil aren't able to reach the signal you want, contact BSNL customer service centre.

If your Wlan is off, you need to configure your modem
Type in the address bar and hit Enter
It will ask for username and password

username: admin
password: admin

  • On your left hand side you can see wireless: click it
  • On the right hand side check 'enable wireless'
  • Type SSID as any name to identify your network
  • Hit save/apply
  • Click security on your left hand side
  • You can find your SSID as your name
  • Then you can select authentication type as WPA-PSK
  • Type your 8 character password in pre shared key
  • Hit save/apply

Then management on left side -> save/reboot-> right hand side-> save & reboot button


Thank to kutty for this tip on the forum.

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