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How To Add Subtitles to a Movie on VLC

VLC media player is a free multimedia player that is capable of playing almost all video and audio file formats. This application is supported by Windows and Mac platforms and also has a mobile application that is supported on the iOS and Android systems.

One popular feature of this open-source application is the ability to add subtitles to any movie or video file. This article will explain how to find and download these files and then set these subtitles to play in-sync with your video.

How To Add Subtitles in VLC Player

If your movie does not already come with subtitles, you can download the text file separately and join the two files together through the VLC platform.

How To Download Subtitle SRTs

Subtitles are generally available in .srt file format. Although you can download your subtitles from any number of internet sites, sites such as Movie Subtitles, Subscene, Subtitles HR, DIV X Subtitles, and Open Subtitles are often the most recommended, thanks to their wide breadth of offerings and their reputation for being more "secure."

Once you've downloaded your file, make sure that your video and your subtitles both have the same name. Note that the .srt extension should remain as part of the file’s name:

If this is done correctly, your VLC player should automatically find and read the video subtitles. However, if this is not the case, you can also join the video and text files manually.

How To Add Subtitles to a Video on VLC

The simplest method of adding subtitles to your VLC file is to simply open your video file in VLC and drag and drop the file on top of the video:

If this still doesn’t work, you can also try manually adding the subtitles to your video. Start playing your VLC file and then click on the Subtitles option in the application menu > Add subtitles. Select the file you have saved to add it to your video.

Fix VLC Subtitle Delay

If your subtitles are not correctly synced with your video file, you can fix this by simply using keyboard shortcut H to speed up the subtitle or keyboard shortcut G to delay your subtitle.

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