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Sometimes Microsoft refuses to open up due to problems with settings within the PC. This issue can be dealt with effortlessly, as shown below. Rebooting the computer is one solution, but before doing this you need to ensure the start-up applications are disabled. Delete all internet saved passwords in the computer by going into the internet settings option in the control panel. Remove all the stored add-ons settings. Delete all the files by a typing folder names if the error message pops up. Make sure all the windows are closed and that the %temp% files are deleted. When this is done, reboot the computer and try accessing the Microsoft website again.


I have a problem with my laptop. The website does not open, even though all other sites do. What can I do?


This worked for me. I have 20 users. Unfortunately, I have to do this once in a while for each of them:
  • 1. Cloose all applications
  • 2. Close / disable startup applications (eg. Skype, Messenger, or any background applications)
  • 3. Start/Settings/Control Panel/Internet Options/Delete Browsing History/Delete All (in passwords)
  • 4. Also delete files and settings stored by add-ons (check) then click OK
  • 5. Close all windows, and files so that nothing is left open
  • 6. Go to Start/run
  • 7. Type the following in the box: %temp%
  • 8. Press enter
  • 9. Start deleting the temp files
  • 10. You might not be able to delete some of the files because they are in use. Leave those alone.
  • 11. When you get the message "Error Deleting File or Folder", click OK and continue deleting some of the files by type
  • 12. When you have finished, reboot the computer
  • 13. Try accessing your company web or sharepoint site again.


Thanks to Ivan for this tip on the forum.

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