Windows Vista and 7 - change the size and font of your OS


Basically Windows 7 and Vista use the same font and default size, for menus, windows, icons,

The font used is the Segoe UI font and size is 9.
The font and size can be replaced and the space between icons modified.

Getting started

  • 1. Right-click on your desktop and choose Customize.
    • 2. For Windows 7! click on the color window.
    • 2. For Vista! Click Color and Appearance window.
    • 3. For Windows 7! Click on Appearance Advanced Settings
    • 3. For Vista! Click Open classic appearance properties for more color options.
  • 4. Then click the Advanced button. From there manipulations are identical to Windows Vista & 7.
  • 5. Pull down the Item list and select the element for which the font must be amended and scroll to icons.
  • 6. Then pull down the Font list and select the font you want.
    • Then define its size and whether it should be (bold (G) or italic (I).
    • You can also increase the space between your icons.
  • 7. Repeat process for other items to customize.
    • Click on the Ok button then click Apply.
  • The change is instantaneous.
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