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Tips for Building Your Online Resume

According to a recent study posted by LinkedIn, the use of job boards and other online recruitment platforms rose 25% in 2014. With the boom of job websites, professional social networks, and online resume banks, the creation and management of one's digital resume has become absolutely vital in the job seeking process. What's more, the distribution and publication channels also plays a huge part in candidate differentiation and credibility.

Creating and maintaining a strong online professional profile is not always easy but there are many solutions available that can help you differentiate yourself from other candidates, and help you maintain your online image. Here are some of our favorites.

Online Resume Builders

Creating a new resume can be an extremely painstaking process. Luckily, the internet is full of sites that can help take the stress out of resume building by dividing the process into simple steps on attractive, easy-to-follow interfaces. Here are a few of our favorite online applications.

CV Maker

CV Maker is a free online tool that uses a simple interface to help users generate beautiful, professional resumes in just a few minutes. The platform provides users with pre-determined fields where job hunters can fill in information relating to their experience, qualifications, education, and interests. Once all the information is filled in, CV Maker will generate resume options based on the user's preference. Drag and drop options allow users to change the order in which their information is presented, and an Add a Section tab allows for further customization options.

CV Maker also offers a Premium version for $16, which offers additional templates, a text editor, and a one-click email option that puts job seekers in touch with employers:

Resume Genius

In addition to its simple fill-in-the-blank resume builder, Resume Genius' online application also provides users with pre-written job descriptions, fast online support, and even one-on-one expert services to help job seekers build the strongest professional profile possible.

Use of Resume Genius' services is completely free. In addition to its resume builder, the site also offers a number of articles and tips for a more efficient job search:


Resume.com is a free online platform that uses a simple and colorful tab interface to simplify and ease the resume building process. The application's interface divides the work into 3 steps: users are first invited to select one of the two-dozen pre-designed resume formats, before moving forward with the input of their information. Once all fields have been filled in, users can choose to print, send, or archive their resume for future editing:

Resume Builder Software

If you're not too keen about creating your resume online, you can also use basic word processing tools to create your CV. Both Microsoft Word and Open Office come with built-in tools and templates that can help users create and edit their resumes to their liking.

Microsoft Word Resume Tool

Whether you're looking to design a simple, black-and-white resume, or a colorful and complicated CV, Microsoft Word probably has the template that you're looking for to help guide you design and customize your document. Simply select from any of Microsoft Word's built-in resume templates and edit the sample information to fit your profile. Customization of these templates is extremely simple and can be done through the use of Microsoft Word's basic text and document editing tools.

In addition to its basic offerings, Word also offers users the option to search for and download more complex templates from its online product site. All templates available for complementary download are indicated as FREE.

Open Office Resume Tool

Similar to Microsoft Word, OpenOffice also comes with a number of built-in templates to simplify and streamline the resume building process. Online templates are also available for free download (in .ott format) from the service's official site.

Post Your Resume Online

Now that your resume has been created, it's time to find the best channel for publishing your resume.

Career Builder

Career Builder is the largest online job board in the United States, and one of the most popular career sites worldwide. The website helps facilitate the recruitment process thanks to its multi-level filters that weed out the best candidates for posted jobs.

In addition to being an online job board, the website also offers a Career Advice section that houses a variety of articles and resources for job seekers.


The DoYouBuzz platform allows people to create and publish their resumes in just a few minutes. The system provides a built-in SEO feature for a user's CV on the Google search engine and also acts as a bridge to social networks. Users with a LinkedIn or Viadeo profile have the option to synchronize the resumes they create with their Facebook profiles and other online platforms.

Subscription to DoYouBuzz is available in two forms: through the creation of a free basic account, or through the creation of a paid premium account with more benefits such as statistics and analysis, multilingual support, and a personalized web address.


With over 70 million monthly visitors in 50 countries, Indeed is one of the most popular and most efficient job boards on the internet. The site is built on a very simple interface where users may narrow available job listings by keyword, location, salary, and a number of other criteria.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a job search engine that allows users to quickly and easily find job openings that fit their profile through the use of keywords and refined search criteria. The site also offers a salary estimator, candidate success stories, and blog articles for job seekers and recruiters.

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