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Windows - Killing a process


In the case that you are confonted to blocked program, with the error message, "not responding" and using Alt + F4 is not working, before rebooting, you can try several manipulations:

Using task manager of windows

It may be necessary to kill the executable program into memory. But beware, for reasons of security and stability of your computer, do not kill a process without knowing what it is!

In most cases, this can be solved easily with the Task Manager (Alt + Ctrl + Del) :
Right click on the .exe
click "End Process"

Unfortunately, despite this manipulation, sometimes the process does not want to be killed.

The TaskKill command

In the case the above method doesn't work, then make use of the

To make a TaskKill manually, open a Command Prompt ( "Windows" + R then type cmd and press Enter)

If you have spotted a process to kill in task manager, you know it's name (the image) and possibly its PID (ProcessID to display in the menu of Task Manager: View> Select Columns> PID ):
Use the command « taskkill /IM nameofImage.exe /F »
Use the command « taskkill /PID xxxx /F » (xxxx is the PID number)

Description of the TaskKill commands:
/F : Force processes to terminate
/IM : Image Name
/PID: process id

You can view all options available with:
/? Displays help

Normally, if everything goes well you should see a message telling you that the process has been killed and it no longer appears in the Task Manager.

The TSKILL alternative

On some machines, Taskkill.exe is nonexistent. It is replaced by tskill.exe
The operation is similar:
Use the command « tskill Name_of_Image.exe»
Use the command « tskill PID_of_process»

/A : to finish the process on all sessions
/V : to end the session only on the
/? : Help

The ultimate solution: reboot?

At this point if all method tested previously did not work, unfortunately there is no other solution than to reboot your PC.


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