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Linux - Check if your CD was successfully burned


Under Linux there is a small utility that allows you directly to verify file integrity by comparison. It is call md5sum that calculates the md5 sum of a file.

  • You will often notice that for some sites the md5sum of a file available with the download linl.
  • Once you've downloaded your file, just type in a shell:
    • md5sum path_of_file
  • And you will get the md5sum of the file and from there you can compare with that offered by the site. It ensures the integrity of a download.
  • This concept can be used in the same way to check if your CD has been successfully burned.
  • Simply by comparing the .iso file to the burned CD.
    • Note that under Linux you have direct access your devices through the /dev directory
  • In this directory, the CDs are often represented by their ide path:
    • /dev/hdX(where X is the letter of the location of the cdrom on the ide layer)
  • The master of the first layer is /dev/hda
  • The slave of this layer is /dev/hdb
  • The master of the second layer is /dev/hdc etc. .....


  • But you can also have shortcuts with /dev/cdrom0 /dev/cdrom1 ....


Consider that your burner is the master of the second IDE layer:/dev/hdc

  • After burning your iso image, you just have to do a sum on your iso file:
    • md5sum path_of_iso
  • And compared with the sum of your burned CD:
    • md5sum /dev/hdc
  • If the md5sum is the same for both, then your burn is successful.


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