Virus Protection for Mac

When it comes to virus protection on Mac devices, many users and forums may tell you that Apple devices are inherently safe from viruses and malware, thanks to their built-in antivirus programs. While it is true that Apple devices do come equipped with reliable protection from viruses and malware, and that there are fewer documented threats against Macs, the myth that these computers do not need additional protection against malware and viruses is completely untrue.

Apple's built-in protection programs offer a very solid first defense against malware and viruses, but Mac computers are still susceptible to computer hijacking, phishing, as well as malware strains from other operating systems (i.e. viruses transferred via USB). In order to ensure the security of your computer, additional investments in antivirus protection is advised.

Here is a fairly comprehensive list of reliable antivirus software for Macs. The list has been divided into free and paid solutions. Sophos



Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware Bitdefender



Intego VirusBarrier



Trend Micro

FortiClient EndPoint Protection

MacScan Little Snitch provides excellent firewall protection for your Mac. The network monitor provides a detailed diagram that documents all internet traffic information, and provides users with simple tools to help analyze their bandwidth, traffic totals, and connectivity status.

Radio Silence is a popular firewall application that helps users monitor their applications and secure their networks in a way that is cheap, fast, and extremely easy-to-use. First time users can try Radio Silence on a free-trial basis. The paid service is available for $9 on the application's official website.

For more information on firewall protection for Mac, please visit Apple Support. Ghostery is a Safari browser extension that offers users a faster, safer, and cleaner browsing experience by giving users control over the personal data they share while browsing the internet.

WOT (or World of Trust) is an integrated browser software that shows users which websites they can trust based on data from millions of other internet users worldwide. Traffic light-style icons guide users through their browsing sessions, indicating areas that are deemed safe, questionable, or unadvised. Malwarebytes


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